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Benefits of a Day Care Center

There are several day care settings that are available. There are home day care options, family members as an option and care centers. Each option has its benefits and pitfalls. Day care centers actually offer some unique opportunities that they other settings may not offer.

Many parents feel that a child care center is the best setting for their child because they like that care centers are structured.

Strict Regulatory Guidelines

In many states home care providers are also monitored but not the way day care centers are. Largely home care providers are given much more leeway because they have fewer children involved. They are under constant scrutiny and have to hold up to periodic inspections.

Knowing that your care facility has met or exceeds the standards that are set forth by the state that you live in gives parents peace of mind.

In addition to meeting the standards it is also good to know that day care centers are monitored and inspected for safety. In many states a child care provider has to do a thorough background inspection of all of their employees.

Education Based Day Care

Many child centers offer an education based program. There are typically certified early education teachers on staff. The entire program is rather structured and is set up as a learning setting.

This is the perfect opportunity to begin the formal education of your child early on.There are day care centers that offer opportunities for education that are probably not available in alternate care settings.

The "class rooms" are usually set up by age group and development. Many day cares are set up as developmental centers and are geared to assisting your child with reaching developmental milestones. Quite a few parents prefer the day care setting over the home care provider or even having a relative provide the child care because of the educational implications of using a care provider.

Simply put, they believe that their children will learn more in their formative years if they have more personalized attention in a home setting. Having professional child care providers that are well educated in early child hood development is a great benefit when choosing out of home care.


Socialization experts cite a child's socialization as one of the key benefits to having a care center provide child care. Usually in a care center as opposed to home child care provided settings there are more children to interact with. Play is structured and is age appropriate as is socialization. Being with children their own age, especially during the preschool years opens up a child's perception of other children and proper play techniques.

There are many other benefits that enrolling your child in a care center provides, it is really relative as to what kind of care you expect for your child as to what you will find beneficiary. You are in the driver seat when it comes to your care provider. Finding a program that works for you and your family is the key to harmony. Considering the benefits of a day care provider may help you to make the right choice.

Shine Day Care in Union City, NJ

That is why we are proud of our reputation for providing skilled child care in a safe and secure environment for over a decade.If you are looking for a reputable provider, Shine Child Care is proud to serve you with the highest quality in child care services. Feel free to give us a call to schedule a tour of our facility 201-348-1500.

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